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Welcome bookers site!

No need for clerk staff anymore.
"bookers" manages lessons anytime for you.

Thank you for your visiting to our "bookers" site.
"bookers" is a school management system on web.

  • manages students, teachers, lessons and fees.
  • Real-time reservation via web 24/7, 365 days/year.
  • J/E bilingual webpage, documentation and support without additional fees.
  • Role-oriented page layouts for administrators/teachers/students.
  • Lesson reminders by email.

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You can start anytime you want! No need any application forms.
Just login and try our "bookers".

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[Update:25 July 2013]

The bookers News

■1 Apr 2014
Service fee is changed.

We made our service fee cheaper against the 8% consumption tax from April 2014.
This is small change but we hope the new price doesn't impact too much.

\25,524 + 5% tax = \26,800
[New price]
\25,000 + 8% tax = \27,000

■2 Aug 2013
bookers ad is on the METROPOLIS

We placed bookers ad in a Japanese most famous English free magazine METROPOLIS.
bookers ad is at business service category in the classified page.
You can read the METROPOLIS as PDF.


bookers service is listed in METROPOLIS web site too.

■1 Aug 2013
English page is started

We added the English service guide in this web page.

■2 May 2013
System maintenance blog for bookers user opened

We opened a blog to log the system maintenance, incident report and new releases.
This blog is based on Google blogger and linked from your bookers login page.
Link from here : bookers information

■25 Febrary 2013
We've launched the demo site of "bookers for school"

Bookers is the bilingual web reservation system for school. You can try our English/Japanese interface at our demo site.
Of course we don't charge any additional fee for the bilingual feature.